Homestead Happenings 2/5/23

Pictured: Sunrise on Thursday 2/2/23

Old Farmer’s Almanac Best Days Calendar Feb 5-12

  • Quit Smoking Feb 8
  • Begin Diet to Lose Weight Feb 8
  • Cut Hair to Discourage Growth Feb 9-11
  • Have Dental Care Feb 7-8
  • Entertain Feb 4-6
  • Travel for Pleasure Feb 4-6
  • Get Married Feb 9-11
  • Ask for a Loan Feb 12-13
  • Demolish Feb 12-13
  • Lay Shingles Feb 4-6
  • Paint Feb 9-11
  • Brew Feb 12-13
  • Can, Pickle, or make Sauerkraut Feb 12-13
  • Mow to slow growth Feb 12-13
  • Plant Belowground Crops Feb 12-13
  • Pick Fruit Feb 7-8
  • Harvest Belowground Crops Feb 7-8
  • Breed Animals Feb 12-13
  • Wean Feb 8
  • Slaughter Livestock Feb 12-13

More info can be found at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Hollow Hills Ranch

Sheep Adventures

Right now the lambs are out growing while the mom’s eat a lot of hay. Not much going on, but oh, I forget LAMB RACES haha.

Chicken News

We’ve sold 6 dozen eggs this week. Pretty much our average. It’s nice they don’t take up too much room in the fridge before someone asks if we have some. We don’t even need to advertise usually! We’re getting a steady 15-16 eggs daily now, a slight increase, which is nice.

Shane took a video of his chickens on his YouTube dedicated just for his coop and birds:

Garden Updates

I went out to see how the Box Honeysuckle, Lonicera nitida sp., was doing as it’s a winter bloomer. Saw lots of buds but they haven’t popped yet. Super tiny flowers when it does. Barely noticeable.

River Rocks Explorers


Shane was able to go out hawking with his friend Alina and several other people today. I was supposed to come along but still haven’t kicked this cold and didn’t want to be hacking and coughing while trying to keep up. His former bird, Tolkein, a Harris Hawk actually caught a rabbit today! Huckleberry, the English Cocker Spaniel, got some training going into the bush to flush out bunnies for the hawks too. There was another couple Harris hawks there too. Some of Shane’s co-workers came to watch and the kids got involved. We’ll be doing it again soon with some neighbors and this time I GET TO GO TOO!

Shane was so busy he didn’t get any pictures, but when I go, I will make sure to get a few to show you guys. Here’s an old video Shane made when he was doing abatement (using falcons/hawks to chase Starlings out of orchards) back in 2020. The bird is a Peregrine falcon named Squirrel, and the channel is another of Shane’s :

Trailcam Footage

Over on the River Rocks Explorers YouTube you can see our friend Haunter the Bobcat came by for a visit this week:

Crystal Caves Wise Woman

Imbolc from Jan 28th

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we had Pancakes and Eggs for breakfast and for dinner a delicious Shepherd’s pie using half ground lamb and half ground turkey. For dessert I made a Marionberry Cobbler! Earlier that morning I went down in the woods and cut some swamp grass and set Morganna to making a Brigid’s Cross. This day was a shout-out to our Irish heritage.

Crystal Grid for February 2023.

The focus is on love and relationships.

Center is Kunzite for soul mates. Surrounding this is Blue Kyanite for devotion. Next we have Rose Quartz for love and Bloodstone for strength. Around these is Orange Calcite for friendship and Red Tiger’s Eye for passion. The outside circle has Angelite for patience and empathy and Clear Quartz for peace and balance.

Full Ice/Snow Micromoon Guidance

Please check out Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook and Instagram for the Full Ice Moon Tarot/Oracle Guidance today!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links to all of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for Hollow Hills Ranch, River Rocks Explorers, and Crystal Caves Wise Woman by clicking on each title. Please be sure to follow my blog down at the bottom of the page as well!

Next blog post will be the Last Quarter Moon, February 13th, 2023.
See you then!

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