Homestead Happenings 2/5/23

Illness Strikes Again! Morgan was so kind to give me her illness over Christmas and now a month later I've succumbed again. Truth be told, I don't take great care of myself, as I try to take care of everyone else first. I'm trying to be better about it, but..... Saturday Shane's friend Alina took a few of us out hawking. Most things have been pretty quiet around here otherwise. Just trying to rest and get some laundry and dishes done as I go. The lambs are doing great, the adult sheep are doing great, the chickens are starting to amp up laying, and I'm about to get going on garden plans! Enjoy! Amy

Huckleberry and Friends

The newest member of the homestead has his own YouTube channel called Huckleberry & Friends . Quoted from the channel "Follow the adventures of Huckleberry the dog as he goes from puppy to falconry dog. We encourage you to be apart of the journey and come along with us. I try to post videos as … Continue reading Huckleberry and Friends