A Wee Bit O’ Irish Over the Homestead Monday…

A Rainbow over the home and no pot-o-gold! *sigh* This last week snow visited us again briefly. Enough to close school for the day but not enough to linger past about 1pm. Also, our chickens are on a roll right now and we're overrun! Enjoy! Amy

Crazy Weather, Thomas the Cat, and a Farmkid…

We had more snow! Also, had some cool and not-so-cool trailcam visitors, my daughter got some farm lessons, we planted some early seeds, I made a new crystal grid for March and of course there's a Best Days list from the Old Farmer's Almanac at the end. Enjoy! Amy

Naughty Hens, Wood-shop, and Snow – Whadya Know!

Since the New Moon happened late last night, I opted to do the blog this morning instead! There are Woodshop updates, Chicken Videos, Woods Walks, Trailcam footage and more! Enjoy! Amy

Homestead Happenings 2/5/23

Illness Strikes Again! Morgan was so kind to give me her illness over Christmas and now a month later I've succumbed again. Truth be told, I don't take great care of myself, as I try to take care of everyone else first. I'm trying to be better about it, but..... Saturday Shane's friend Alina took a few of us out hawking. Most things have been pretty quiet around here otherwise. Just trying to rest and get some laundry and dishes done as I go. The lambs are doing great, the adult sheep are doing great, the chickens are starting to amp up laying, and I'm about to get going on garden plans! Enjoy! Amy