Homestead Happenings 1/28/23

Pictured: Sunset on the farm on the 22nd.

Best Days Calendar Jan 28-Feb 4

  • Cut Hair to Encourage Growth Jan 28-29
  • Color Hair Jan 28-29
  • Entertain Feb 4-6
  • Travel for Pleasure Feb 4-6
  • Buy a Home Jan 28-29
  • Move (house/household) Jan 30-31, Feb 1
  • Advertise to Sell Jan 28-29
  • Paint Jan 28-29
  • Lay Shingles Feb 4-6
  • End Projects Feb 4
  • Bake Feb 2-3
  • Mow to Promote Growth Feb 2-3
  • Prune to Encourage Growth Feb 4
  • Graft or Pollinate Feb 2-3
  • Plant Aboveground Crops Feb 2-3
  • Harvest Aboveground Crops Jan 28-29
  • Purchase Animals Feb 2-3

More info can be found at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Hollow Hills Ranch

Sheep Adventures

We are currently taking wait list orders for possible breeding stock for April/May. There is potential for Registered St Croix as well as some Commercial St Croix/Katahdin mix. The Commercial ram lambs will be banded in March so if you are after one of these for breeding, I will need to know soon! We will also have some older ewes available in late May as well, though who they are will remain to be seen after weaning. We let them recover from raising lambs for a while before selling them. You may also have them bred to our rams before picking them up too. More details can be found in the Hair Sheep Price List.

Here’s a video of the orphans the day before I let them out with the flock. They are doing great!

Chicken News

We sold Rowdy the Swedish Flower Rooster this week so we are now down to 3 roosters in the flock. Still a lot, but they don’t fight as much as you might think having half an acre to roam in. Below you can see the old Cedar Tree that’s out in their area. I told Shane a chicken swing would be awesome hanging from that low branch!

Looking up the hill from under the old Cedar Tree at the chicken coop and a few of the chickens.

River Rocks Explorers

Woods Walk

Shane and I went for a walk on the 22nd. Here’s a slideshow of what we saw:

Also check out this peaceful 30 seconds of creek sounds from that trip:

Crystal Caves Wise Woman

First Quarter Moon/Imbolc Crystal Grid & Guidance

The center has Carnelian for the Goddess Brigid as the Hearthkeeper and for motivation. Also in the center is Garnet for Brigid as the Healer and physical energy. Around these is Pyrite for Brigid as the Healer and self-confidence. The next circle has White Moonstone for reinforcing the progress you’ve made since the new moon and Rose Quartz for facing truths with an open heart and mind. This brings us to the next circle with Angelite to assist with clear communication and Citrine for Brigid as the Hearthkeeper with breads and grains to nourish us. Finally Red Tiger’s Eye for Brigid as the Goddess of the Forge and fiery, passionate energy. With this is Clear Quartz for mental charity.

Please check out Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook and Instagram for the First Quarter Moon/Imbolc Tarot/Oracle Guidance today!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links to all of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for Hollow Hills Ranch, River Rocks Explorers, and Crystal Caves Wise Woman by clicking on each title. Please be sure to follow my blog down at the bottom of the page as well!

Next blog post will be for the Full Moon on February 5th, 2023.
See you then!

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