Crazy Weather, Thomas the Cat, and a Farmkid…

We had more snow! Also, had some cool and not-so-cool trailcam visitors, my daughter got some farm lessons, we planted some early seeds, I made a new crystal grid for March and of course there's a Best Days list from the Old Farmer's Almanac at the end. Enjoy! Amy

Naughty Hens, Wood-shop, and Snow – Whadya Know!

Since the New Moon happened late last night, I opted to do the blog this morning instead! There are Woodshop updates, Chicken Videos, Woods Walks, Trailcam footage and more! Enjoy! Amy

Homestead Happenings 2/5/23

Illness Strikes Again! Morgan was so kind to give me her illness over Christmas and now a month later I've succumbed again. Truth be told, I don't take great care of myself, as I try to take care of everyone else first. I'm trying to be better about it, but..... Saturday Shane's friend Alina took a few of us out hawking. Most things have been pretty quiet around here otherwise. Just trying to rest and get some laundry and dishes done as I go. The lambs are doing great, the adult sheep are doing great, the chickens are starting to amp up laying, and I'm about to get going on garden plans! Enjoy! Amy

Homestead Happenings 1/28/23

Happy Imbolc! This is the Celtic celebration that spring is on it's way while winter is phasing out. Shane and I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast, I'll be cleaning up the kitchen and making a Blackberry Cobbler later this morning/afternoon, and for dinner I'm making a Shepherd's pie from a recipe found in the Outlander cookbook using ground lamb Shane's brother gave to him. It's good to see if we like it before filling our freezer full of it I guess haha. We also had a great woods walk last week. Enjoy! Amy