We’re located in Molalla, Oregon in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.
Our farm is a century old now, being built in 1917 although the original barn & outbuildings were built in the 1890’s. It used to be a draft horse stud farm and a stage stop on an old wagon road from Oregon City to Silverton. Our family (Mautz) bought the homestead in 1937 and added on to the house, making it a 2 story, 4 bedroom home with an indoor bathroom!!

A homestead is a place that raises livestock, often has a garden to grow their own food, land to explore and care for, and often creates goods or services to sell.
Our sheep, llamas, and horse have 6 pastures to rotate through during the spring/summer/early fall.
The orchard near the house is both a garden and food forest in training (and probably will take years to “complete”).
The forest near the creek is left wild on purpose with trails and a creekside sitting area for picnics.
It’s a beautiful place, our little homestead. I can’t imagine living anywhere else on earth.

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