Snowmageddon…Just Not Here Thankfully

Pictured: More snow on Thursday morning, looking out toward the barn.

Homestead Happenings for February 27th, 2023

Shane’s Woodshop

Shane got a second wall up this past weekend! One more should go up this coming weekend and he’ll start doing the finishing touches of plywood, insulation, and a window. It’s coming along!

River Rocks Explorers

More Snow

Thursday morning we awoke to a heavy dusting of snow. Further north they were hammered by snow and icy conditions. Rather glad we don’t live up there!

Looking Southwest

Woods Walk

Shane and I went for a walk to check the trail-cams on Saturday. It was late morning and around 33 degrees after overnight temps in the teens!

Wilderness Dorks!

Trailcam Visitors

Hollow Hills Ranch

Chicken News

Shane’s chickens weren’t super keen on going out into the snow on Thursday morning. It took some coaxing!

On Sunday we got 19 eggs! The most we’ve ever gotten so far!

Sheep Adventures

Hollow Hills Ranch will be participating in a genetic study of the St Croix hair sheep! The kit should arrive later this next week where we will have to pick 5 of our St Croix (1 ram and 4 ewes). Looking for qualities we find outstanding in various animals such as color, size, worm resistance, good udders, great mothers, etc. I know of 3 animals for sure that will get tested, but need to think on the other 2.

In other news – Thursday morning the sheep got to be fed outside since the ground was frozen!

Weaning day is coming up in just over a month! If you want to get on the list for Registered St Croix ewe lambs or Commercial St Croix/Katahdin crossbred ewe lambs, send me a message using the form down below toward the bottom of this page!

To see how our prices pan out for breeding stock:

Hair Sheep Price List

Food Garden Updates

I WAS going to plant peas and sweet peas on Tuesday but the weather decided to be uncooperative! It was rain, wind and just chilly out, then we had low temps and snow come though later in the week. Decided the peas and sweet peas could wait until March 1st!

I made a page dedicated to gardening in zone 8b for the months of February/March based on our worst-case-scenario last frost date of May 20th:

Feb/March 2023 Planting Guide Zone 8b

I also have an outdoor seed planting guide that includes companion plants as well as plants you shouldn’t plant with your crops:

Zone 8b Outdoor Seed Planting Table

Crystal Caves Wise Woman

First Quarter Moon Guidance

Please check out Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook and Instagram for the First Quarter Moon Tarot/Oracle Guidance!

Crystal Grid for February 2023.

The focus is on love and relationships.

Center is Kunzite for soul mates. Surrounding this is Blue Kyanite for devotion. Next we have Rose Quartz for love and Bloodstone for strength. Around these is Orange Calcite for friendship and Red Tiger’s Eye for passion. The outside circle has Angelite for patience and empathy and Clear Quartz for peace and balance.

Old Farmer’s Almanac Best Days Calendar
Feb 27-28th, Mar 1st-6th

  • Have Dental Care March 6-7
  • Entertain March 3-5
  • Travel for Pleasure March 3-5
  • Move (house/household) Feb 26-28
  • End Projects March 6
  • Lay Shingles March 3-5
  • Bake March 1-2
  • Mow to Promote Growth March 1-2
  • Prune to Encourage Growth March 3-5
  • Pick Fruit March 6
  • Harvest Aboveground Crops March 6
  • Plant Aboveground Crops March 1-2
  • Graft or Pollinate March 1-2
  • Purchase Animals March 1-2

More info can be found at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Next blog post will be on the Full Moon, March 7th, 2023.

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links to all of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for Hollow Hills Ranch, River Rocks Explorers, and Crystal Caves Wise Woman by clicking on each title. Please be sure to follow my blog down at the bottom of the page as well!

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