A Wee Bit O’ Irish Over the Homestead Monday…

A Rainbow over the home and no pot-o-gold! *sigh* This last week snow visited us again briefly. Enough to close school for the day but not enough to linger past about 1pm. Also, our chickens are on a roll right now and we're overrun! Enjoy! Amy

Crazy Weather, Thomas the Cat, and a Farmkid…

We had more snow! Also, had some cool and not-so-cool trailcam visitors, my daughter got some farm lessons, we planted some early seeds, I made a new crystal grid for March and of course there's a Best Days list from the Old Farmer's Almanac at the end. Enjoy! Amy

Naughty Hens, Wood-shop, and Snow – Whadya Know!

Since the New Moon happened late last night, I opted to do the blog this morning instead! There are Woodshop updates, Chicken Videos, Woods Walks, Trailcam footage and more! Enjoy! Amy

New Lambs, Playing Lambs, and Snow

Today gave us a cute baby, some interesting weather and lamb races (of course I took a video, scroll down)! Registered St Croix, Sunny, had a 9lb ram lamb this morning out of Registered St Croix, Dasher. Pretty baby, good mom! We just got a dusting this afternoon, but it's hanging out making everything slushy … Continue reading New Lambs, Playing Lambs, and Snow