Sheep For Sale

~ Hair Sheep Price List ~
~ St Croix Available ~ Katahdin Available ~

We are sold out of Registered St Croix, Registered Katahdin and Commercial Katahdin breeding stock for this year. Next breeding stock will be available in Spring 2023. Follow our Blog for updates!

We bred all Registered St Croix, Registered Katahdin and Recorded Katahdin ewes to a Registered St Croix Ram this year so all 2023 lambs will either be potentially Registered St Croix or Commercial Crossbreds which are 50% or greater St Croix. Any out of the Registered Katahdin ewes can be Recorded Katahdin if that paperwork is necessary to your breeding program. All breeding stock will come with a generated pedigree from Ranch Manager based on the animals we have entered into the system.

If you’re looking for market animals, please send us a message for availability as they will not be listed on the website. You can see the price breakdowns in the Hair Sheep Price List for both Market lambs and breeding stock.

If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for any sheep breeding stock, please send us a message using the form on this page.