What is Intuitive Guidance?

“Intuitive Guidance” is using various methods to either bring to light our deep unconscious to guide us forward or to connect us to our spirit guides to help guide us. Different people look at it different ways. Often it’s a case of “I already knew that, but chose to ignore it” or some kind of wake-up call to truly look deeper at your circumstances and make some positive changes for the better. Many times people will have an ah-ha moment, where they really needed to hear the message brought forward. Don’t mistake this for “divining the future”. The messages aren’t telling us word for word what is going to happen. The message may open our eyes to a path we are on and give us advice to make sure it’s the right one and maybe some inner work we need to do to get to a better place. Even at times this might mean letting go of something near and dear if it’s in our best interest. They don’t tell you what to do, but merely to look deeper and see if you might be missing something.

Tarot, Oracle, Casting, Scrying, etc

As I mentioned, there are various methods to receive guidance. Most people have heard of Tarot or gazing into a Crystal Ball.

Tarot decks are good for very detailed and personal messages. Tarot decks follow the same rules no matter what theme they may come from as well. They have 22 Major Arcana cards that represent human personalities and characteristics and 78 Minor Arcana that expand on certain traits such as emotions (cups/water), challenges (swords/air), material gain or loss (pentacles/earth), and the soul (wands/fire). Tarot don’t usually pull punches. If it’s a harsh message, then it’s a harsh message.

Another form of cartomancy are the Oracle decks. These can come in any size, any theme, and don’t follow a rigid system like the Tarot. They give a more broad overview of a situation and many times a more positive spin on life. Used with Tarot, they can give an overview of the situation to assist the deeper meanings found in the Tarot cards.

Similar to Oracle cards are casting systems. Some follow their own rigid system, but are more broad like an oracle reading. These include Ogham Staves (from the Celtic countries), Elder Futhark Runes (Norse based), Witch’s Runes (a little more modern from Britain). Other less rigid casting systems include lithomancy (casting tumbled stones or crystals) and casting bones (charms or actual bones). The latter you apply your own meanings to the charms or bones, making them very personal only to you.

There are other kinds of divination too that don’t involve cards, staves, or stones. Scrying is looking into water or a clear crystal for messages, fire gazing, you can look at clouds to derive meaning from their shapes, you can read tea leaves, the flights of birds, dowsing, and so much more!

My favorite kind of divinatory method is cartomancy with Tarot or Oracle cards. I also enjoy some casting now and then with the Ogham staves or Runes. I save my tumbled crystals for my crystal grids and crystal healing usually.

If you have any questions about terminology used or anything else, please feel free to send me a message using the contact form on the page. Thanks!

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