Intuitive Guidance Price List

Before I get too carried away here, if you want to know what Intuitive Guidance is, please go to:
What is Intuitive Guidance?


Below are the prices for various kinds of readings I do:

Single Card – Oracle or Tarot


Two Cards – 1 Oracle & 1 Tarot, 2 Oracle or 2 Tarot


Three Cards – 1 Oracle & 2 Tarot, 2 Oracle & 1 Tarot, 3 Oracle or 3 Tarot


I sort my decks by season so there is a rotation and it feels good for the time of year we’re in. Below you’ll see the Tarot and Oracle card pairings, that you may choose from, for the Spring Equinox through Bealtaine season (March 20th – May 4th):

When sending me a message for the reading, please include your choice from above. You do not have to choose a pairing either. You may choose just the oracle deck or just the tarot deck as well.

Thank you so much!