What is Energy Work?

“Energy Work” is the way a practitioner can manipulate the body’s energy to create a more healthy outcome. This can be done in many kinds of ways. Some that most people have at least heard of are Acupuncture and Reflexology. Both modalities utilize points in the body that can release energy blockages throughout the body. Even certain kinds of Bodywork do this such as Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, and many others. There are also modalities where touch isn’t required such as Homeopathy and Crystal Healing.

Here is a great article going into much more detail about Energy Work from the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals Website:

Energy Work: A Primer for Plugging Into Your Own Energy

Crystal Healing

Specifically, the Energy Work modality I like to utilize is Crystal Healing. Each crystal contains a certain matrix of how it grew into what you see before you. It’s the arrangement of molecules in such a way that they form these crystalline structures. Each crystal has it’s own structure. These structures give off vibrations which can be used for many applications. Think of the Silicon that makes up computer chips, for example. The human body is made up of molecules that also vibrate to certain frequencies. When using crystals on the human body, the crystal frequencies and the human body frequencies will attune themselves. Since crystals have a rigid crystalline structure, the body will change it’s frequencies to match on a subtle level. There is so much about Crystals that science knows, but very few people actually believe in it’s applications for the human body. This is very unfortunate!

Did you know the Quartz family of crystals have a property known as Piezolelectricity? When these crystals are struck, electricity can be generated! They also contain Piezoluminescence where pressure is applied to the crystal and light escapes! Here is a cool YouTube video demonstrating the latter:

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