Blog Changes

Just to let you all know, I will be changing how blogs happen from now on. I will no longer be doing one once a week like I have been, but instead focus the website on educational pages and pertinent information for the season. How often those happen, I’m not sure yet. The reason for the changes? I felt like I was repeating myself over and over again. Same things, different weeks. I would post daily on Facebook pages, then collect all of it for a blog. Redundancy. I want the blog to be different. I’ll take some time to figure out how that looks, so please bear with me!

If you want to follow our daily goings on, please visit our Facebook pages:

Hollow Hills Ranch Facebook – Sheep, Chickens, Gardening, etc

River Rocks Explorers Facebook – Nature, Woods Walks, Rockhounding, etc

Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook – Natural Remedies, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Guidance, etc.

I will also try to do more with YouTube, though not as often as Facebook. Our Trailcam videos and creek sounds will happen the most often on River Rocks Explorers YouTube Channel. All videos will also be shared on Facebook, but please follow my channels!

Hollow Hills Ranch YouTube

River Rocks Explorers YouTube

Crystal Caves Wise Woman YouTube

I have Instagram as well, though I’m not as good at keeping it updated. Crystal Caves Wise Woman gets the most updates there with readings and crystal grids, though I’m trying more with the other two as well.

Hollow Hills Ranch Instagram

River Rocks Explorer Instagram

Crystal Caves Wise Woman Instagram

Thank you all for your support of my blog, pages, channels, etc. I really appreciate it!
Change is inevitable, gotta roll with it!

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