A Wee Bit O’ Irish Over the Homestead Monday…

Pictured: Double rainbow over the house March 13th, where’s me pot-o-gold? Hmmmm?

Old Farmer’s Almanac Best Days Calendar
March 14-20th

  • Perm Hair March 17-18
  • Straighten Hair March 13-14
  • Go Camping March 13-14
  • Wash Floors March 19-20
  • Begin Logging, set posts, pour concrete March 15-16
  • Make Jam or Jellies Mar 19-20
  • Dry fruit, vegetables or meat March 13-14
  • Can, pickle, or make sauerkraut March 19-20
  • Prune to Discourage Growth March 13-14
  • Harvest belowground crops March 15-16
  • Castrate Animals March 17-18

More info can be found at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Homestead Happenings for March 8th-13th, 2023

Hollow Hills Ranch

More Cat News

Pretty (our 14+ year old cat) went missing right after we lost Tommy cat. I have a horrible feeling she came to the house at night from the barn and an owl might have gotten her. There’s no sign of her anywhere. She always slept with Tommy cat so I’m not sure if she went looking for him or if she just hated the new cat food so much she came to the house to beg (it’s happened before and all the cats hate this new food).

On a more positive note, I managed to snap a picture of the elusive neighborhood stray tomcat, Chester. That’s no easy feat to get him on camera!

Garden Updates

We didn’t get the beets, leeks, and carrots planted on Sunday. I was dealing with a sinus infection and just didn’t feel like bending over a raised bed to do it! Next days for root crops will be April 7-8, they can be done then! The lettuce, kale and spinach will hopefully get planted sometime between March 28-30.

I made a page dedicated to gardening in zone 8b for the months of February/March based on our worst-case-scenario last frost date of May 20th:

Feb/March 2023 Planting Guide Zone 8b

I also have an outdoor seed planting guide that includes companion plants as well as plants you shouldn’t plant with your crops:

Zone 8b Outdoor Seed Planting Table

Chicken News

We are starting to get between 20-22 eggs a day more often now. The most we’ve ever gotten!

Sheep Adventures

Weaning day is coming up soon! If you want to get on the list for Registered St Croix ewe lambs or Commercial St Croix/Katahdin crossbred ewe lambs, send me a message using the form down below toward the bottom of this page!

To see how our prices pan out for breeding stock:

Hair Sheep Price List.

Here’s some sheep & snow pics from March 9th at feeding time!

River Rocks Explorers

Trailcam Visitors

Mostly just lots and lots of deer on the trailcam this last time. We didn’t save any of the videos though. You can only have so many deer videos haha!


March 9th we got a surprise snow storm. Not much snow, but enough to get a snow day! I think that big bird may possibly be an immature eagle hanging out.

Crystal Caves Wise Woman

Last Quarter Moon Guidance

Please check out Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook and Instagram for the Full Storm Moon Tarot/Oracle Guidance later today! To learn more, check out the Intuitive Guidance page!

Crystal Grid for March 2023.

I always associate March with green, luck, growth, fertility, etc and therefore this is reflected in the grid:

Center is a Pyrite pyramid surrounded by small Pyrite cubes for luck and abundance. Around those are Hematite for resourcefulness and Green Aventurine for luck, manifestation and generosity. Next we have Bronzite for finances and Moss Agate for Nature, growth, and fertility. Off the wooden circle is Orange Calcite for good fortune, attraction, and success.

To learn more, click on the Energy Work page!

Next blog post will be on the New Moon, March 21st, 2023.

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links to all of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for Hollow Hills Ranch, River Rocks Explorers, and Crystal Caves Wise Woman by clicking on each title. Please be sure to follow my blog down at the bottom of the page as well!

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